Englewood City Council

  • Charles Cobb (At-Large Member)
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    (201) 906-1904
  • Marc Forman (Ward 1)
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    (201) 569-9111
  • Michael D. Cohen (Ward 2)
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    (917) 817-9753
  • Eugene Skurnick (Ward 3)
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    (201) 400-8291
  • Wayne Hamer (Ward 4)
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    (201) 248-6467

The City Council consists of five members, each elected for a three year term. Four are elected by the individual wards in which they live and the other is elected by a city-wide vote as an at-large member. The city is divided into four wards which are approximately equal in population.

The City Council is the legislative branch of government, whereby, deciding public policy, creating city ordinances and resolutions, passing the city budget, appropriating funds for city services, and hiring the City Manager. The City Council meets generally twice per month (except during summer months). Formal meetings are held in the Municipal Courtroom at the Public Safety Complex, South Van Brunt Street and Englewood Avenue. Minutes of all meetings are available at the office of the City Clerk.