2012 Pet Census (Dog & Cat)

The Health Department will be conducting its Biennial Pet Census this summer beginning June 15th. This is a door-to-door survey throughout the City of Englewood to determine the number of domestic cats and dogs, and to check their licensing and rabies immunization status. The census helps to administratively monitor the cats and dogs in town, and helps protect the community against rabies by ensuring that the pets are licensed and immunized.

This summer, we will be using college students to conduct the census, supervised by experienced persons and staff. All of the census workers have received an intensive orientation and training and are young people with good references and satisfactory backgrounds. The students are considered staff of the Health Department during this period, and will carry identification and wear Health Department t-shirts. We are asking for the cooperation and support of all Englewood residents to enable us to maintain proper records of all domestic pets in Englewood.

Unlicensed pets pose a serious health threat to the community. Everyone has a responsibility to themselves and their community. If you notice an unlicensed pet, please contact the Health Department immediately. Most animal complaints received and investigated come from neighbors, usually dealing with noise related to barking, dogs running at large, and neighbors not picking up after their pets (poop and scoop). It’s important to be considerate of your neighbor and help keep your community clean.

We have also discovered, through bite reports, a number of dogs that were not licensed and immunized. This represents a lack of responsibility of the owner, not only to their animals, but also to the health and well-being of the community at large. The census will help us to follow up on unlicensed animals to ensure that we keep Englewood healthy and safe. If you have questions regarding the Pet Census, please contact Matt Traudt, or Nelson Xavier Cruz, at (201) 568-3450.