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Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment handles zoning appeals, requests for interpretation and variance from zoning ordinances. Seven members and two alternates are appointed by the mayor with council confirmation. Terms of office are two years or four years depending on the member position. All meetings begin at 8:00 pm and are held at Municipal Court 73 South Van Brunt Street.

 Member      Term Expires
Kenneth Senkyire   12/31/23
Mateo Duque 12/31/23
Adam R. Brown,, Chair 12/31/24
David Maron, Vice-Chair 12/31/25
Thom Kelly 12/31/25
Angelina Rivera 12/31/22
Juanita Harris  12/31/22
Uri Moche, Alternate #1  12/31/22
Ayala Geva, Alternate #2  12/31/22
Theresa Thomas, Alternate #3 12/31/23
Marc McDonald, Alternate #4 12/31/23