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Board of Library Trustees

The Board of Library Trustees determines and adopts policies to govern the operation of the public library. The board comprises nine members, seven Englewood residents appointed by the Mayor, plus the Mayor and Superintendent of Schools (or their alternates). Terms of office are five years.

Members Term Expires
Nelida Bobe 12/31/19
For Mayor Michael Wildes - Katharine Glynn  12/31/19
Nina Nanasi, Vice President  12/31/19
Debra Trachtenberg, Secretary  12/31/22
For Superintendent of Schools, Gina Leonard-Edone
Stacey Rosenzweig 12/31/23
Howard Haughton 12/31/20
Devry B. Pazant 12/31/21
Flor Ramirez 12/31/20
John Arthur, Library Director  City Employee