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Planning Board

The Planning Board adopts a municipal master plan in accordance with state requirements; approves specific site plans, proposals for subdivision or development and layout of streets and highways; advises the City Council in matters relating to the master plan; and grants variances from municipal regulations unless they are the province of the Board of Adjustment. One non-elected municipal officer, one council member, six citizens, the Mayor and two alternates are appointed by the Mayor and Council. Terms of office are one to four years depending on the member position.

Members  Term Expires 
Michael Wildes, Class I 12/31/21
Diana Patino, Class II 12/31/19
Charles Cobb, Class III 12/31/19
Roosevelt Jean, Class IV 12/31/20
Anthony David 12/31/2
Lewis J. Baer, Chairman 12/31/21 
Kenneth Rosenzweig 12/31/22
Manuel Barrientos 12/31/22
David Maron 12/31/19
Emily Mann     (Alternate #1) 12/31/19
Lisa Wisotsky (Alternate #2) 12/31/20

City Liaison - Tina Evans: 201-871-6645

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