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Recreation Advisory Committee

The Recreation Advisory Committee considers plans, programs and recommends City Council actions in matters related to recreation. One member from each ward and four members-at-large are appointed by the Council. Terms of office are three years.

Members  Term Expires 
Horace Ragbir (W1) 12/31/18
Shirley Smith (W4) 12/31/19
Anthony David (W4) 12/31/18
Jeffrey Richardson (W3) 12/31/18
Jason Sliverstein (W2) 12/31/19 
Betty Griffin (W4) 12/31/17 
Steve Klose (W3) 12/31/18
Nina Bachrach (W2) 12/31/19
Steve Berrios (W3) 13/31/17 
John Babb (W4) 12/31/15 
Shirley Smith (W4)  12/31/18
Anita Newkirk (W3) 12/31/15 
Council Liaison – Marc Forman 12/31/15

Merle Simons - Recreation Director

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