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Traffic Advisory Committee

The Traffic Advisory Committee advises the City Council in matters respecting the effects of signs or proposed building design on the surronding business area. Eleven citizen members are appointed by the Council. Terms of office are three years.

Members Term Expires
Eda Greenbaum 12/31/17
Shirley Smith 12/31/17
David Litvin 12/31/18
Jordan Comet 12/31/17
Ron Strobel MD  12/31/18
Police Dept. Liason - Sgt Robert Zimmerman 12/31/15
Craig Solomon  12/31/18
Alfred Snowman 12/31/19
David Popkin 12/31/19
Ann Schiebel 12/31/19
Valerie Hamer 12/31/19
Council Liason - Michael Cohen 12/31/17