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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources & News Links

Resources                                                                  INFORMATION FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS

New Jersey Dept of Health COVID19 Dashboard  DOH Hotline 24/7: 1-800-222-1222

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention                      COVID-19 Vaccine consent form 

COVID-19 Vaccine consent form                                   MODERNA EUA fact sheet for vaccine recipient 

World Health Organization


    How to Make an Emergency Preparedness Kit  (Food Network)

Coping with Public Health Emergencies (webinar)

Bergen Resource Net
   Physical Wellbeing 
   Mental/Emotional Wellbeing 

Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks 

Coping With Grief 

COVID-19 and Pets / Animals 

Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health:
  Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation During an Infectious Disease Outbreak

Debunking Myths About How to Avoid or Cure Coronavirus - ABC News 3/14/2020

Social Distancing During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak  (YouTube video)

Coronavirus Pandemic Resource Guide for New Jerseyans (Sen. Cory Booker) 

NJ Business Assistance

NJ Dept of Labor and COVID-19: What employers and businesses should know

NJ Economic Development Authority: Information for Businesses on the COVID-19 Outbreak

FAQs for Businesses: COVID-19 Coronavirus 

News links


   2019-nCoV Coronavirus Outbreak

   CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus news/updates

   Coronavirus Q&A - World Health Organization

   First US case of Coronavirus reported in Washington state, CDC says (1/22/2020)

   How to prepare for Coronavirus: The shopping list for your own home quarantine kit (3/4/2020)

   Race to increase testing as Coronavirus spreads in US and elsewhere (3/4/2020)

   Hospitals face major challenges as coronavirus spreads (3/12/2020)

   How to make sure your loved one is protected if they are in a nursing home  (3/16/2020)

   How to help limit the spread of coronavirus (3/17/2020)

   Charts explaining the Coronavirus death rate  (3/18/2020)

   Here are 3 drugs in development to fight coronavirus, 2 vaccines and one "passive" vaccine (3/19/2020)

   Americans are losing their sense of invincibility toward coronavirus  (3/19/2020)

   SARS-COV-2 appears to be a combination of two viruses  (3/19/2020) 

   How to manage anxiety during a pandemic (3/21/2020) 

   "Hard for helpers, too": Faced with their own coronavirus fears, crisis hotline counselors answer surge in calls (4/4/2020) 

   Wearing Face Masks and Social Distancing Actually Work to Contain COVID-19, according to a new study (6/1/2020)

   Long-haulers are redefining COVID-19 (8/19/2020

   How to tell if socializing indoors is safe (10/12/2020)

   A 25-year old man becomes first in U.S. to contract Coronavirus twice, with second infection more severe (10/13/2020)

   Two major COVID trials paused for safety issues (10/13/2020)

   Scientists warn Americans are expecting too much from a vaccine (10/28/2020)

   How COVID-19 changes our sleep (12/26/2020) 


   Florida becomes 3rd U.S. state to identify new coronavirus variant VUI-202012/01 (1/1/2021) 

   A guide to helping boomers sign up for their COVID vaccine (1/18/2021)