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Pet Licensing and Rabies Information

State of NJ Dog Licensing Requirements  

Annual Licensing Fees are as follows:
Dog  Regular (not altered) $12.00 Altered $8.00
Cat Regular (not altered) $11.00 Altered $6.00

  • All dogs and cats 7 months and older must be licensed each year between January 1st and March 1st
  • New residents are required to license pets within 30 days of residency, with the exception of pets previously licensed in other New Jersey municipalities during the current calendar year 
  • Penalty fees for late renewal

                             March 1st     $10 per pet
                             Apr 1st          $15 per pet
                             May 1st        $20 per pet

  • All pets shall have their own license tag number
  • City ordinance limits the number of pets by one owner to a total of six (6)

Licenses may not be renewed if the rabies vaccination status does not meet the State Department of Health requirement -- rabies vaccinations must not expire prior to November 1st of the current license year. See the Rabies Vaccination Waiver below for exceptions.



The Department of Health conducts a bienniel to ascertain the number of dogs and cats in the City and their license and vaccination status.

Complete guidelines, with references to City Ordinances, can be found in the Department's Pet Manual.

To view/print a copy of the Pet Manual in English, click here. For a copy in Spanish, click here.

Print Application for new Dog/Cat license
Verification of spay/neuter (if applicable) and rabies vaccination required