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1/3/2018 - Winter Accumulation - Weather Information Bulletin

There is expected snowfall for early Thursday morning and will possibly continue all day. We will be expecting 1 - 3 inches.

If you are able to park in your driveway, please do so to assist in the street cleaning process. Street parking will make it extremely difficult for plows to maneuver through streets due to accumulation.

We encourage residents to keep an eye on the weather.

During the snowfall, the Police and Public Works Departments will be working to enforce snow parking restrictions as per City Ordinance § 25-21 Parking During Snow Accumulation. The following streets are not to be parked on while streets are snow covered:

.   Grand Avenue

.   Engle Street 

.   Dean Street

.   Palisade Avenue

.   Dana Place

.   Broad Avenue

.   Van Brunt Street

.   West & East Englewood Avenue

.   Lafayette Place

.   Lafayette Avenue

.   West Forest Avenue

.   East Linden Avenue

.   Jones Road

.   Lydecker Street

.   Booth Avenue

.   West Hudson Avenue

.   Tenafly Road

.   Knickerbocker Road

.   Liberty Road

.   Van Nostrand Avenue

.   William Street

.   North & South Woodland

For a detailed list of streets and parking restrictions visit the following:

The Police Department will ensure that the ordinance is enforced which may be subject tickets, tows and/or fines.

For your safety, The Fire Department would like anyone with property on or adjacent to a fire-hydrant to please assist by shoveling around the hydrant to insure access in case of emergency.

For more information regarding snow accumulation please visit