How can I see job postings or apply for a position?

Human Resources Department

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1. How do I make an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) request?
2. Where can I obtain a copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate?
3. How do I dispose of leaves in the fall?
4. What types of recyclables does the DPW collect?
5. How do I find out about electronics recycling?
6. Who do I contact for building permits and certificates of occupancy?
7. How do I contact the court in Englewood?
8. Can I pay my parking ticket online?
9. Where can I find information regarding elections?
10. How do I get a copy of the agendas and minutes from public meetings?
11. How do I report a street light out?
12. How do I apply for a park, field & facility permit?
13. Who do I contact regarding my burglar alarm?
14. How can I find out what ward and voting district I live in?
15. How can I see job postings or apply for a position?
16. How do I file a claim against the City? Title 59 Claim Form
17. Items that get Recycled
18. Application for General Events
19. When can construction take place?
20. How Do I Become a Volunteer?