Fire Prevention Office

The Englewood Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau is supervised by the Fire Official, Inspector Rocco Carbone, who reports directly to the Chief of the Department. The Fire Prevention Bureau's operations include review of site plans, Fire and Life Hazard Use inspections, public education, and, in some cases, tenant relocation due to unsafe living conditions.

Conducting annual inspections allows the bureau the opportunity to verify the efficacy of our fire safety educational programs and is the mechanism by which Englewood enforces the New Jersey edition of the International Fire Code, as mandated by the State of New Jersey. Annual inspections are conducted at well over 1,000 structures within the city, including over 300 annual mandatory inspections in our Life Hazard Use (LHU) buildings. Some of these LHU facilities include; the Bergen PAC/John Harms Theatre, Englewood Hospital, Englewood Hospital, all gas stations, and schools, both public and private. This is in addition to the many other commercials, commercial-residential, and industrial structures.

Fire Code enforcement ensures that owners and tenants of the buildings adhere to state laws concerning fire and life-safety issues within their facilities. Building owners who maintain fire-safe properties greatly enhance the safety of any person who may utilize the structure, and vastly improves the safety of our Firefighters and other emergency personnel who may respond there. Our main goal within the area of enforcement is to provide property owners and tenants the support, and guidance, necessary for them to comply with the various fire and life-safety laws and ordinances within which our municipality operates. The New Jersey Uniform Fire Code permits each municipality to collect fees as a method to support the operations of the local Fire Prevention Bureau. As elsewhere, in Englewood, Life Hazard, Local Registration, annual permit fees, and penalties collected by the Fire Prevention Bureau are utilized to offset the operational costs associated with the office.

The Fire Prevention Bureau can be contacted by submitting a Service Request through the QAlert Citizen Service Request System (CSRS), access to which is found on the City of Englewood home page, or by phone: 201-871-6693

Important Notice

Please note that effective March 15, 2012, the Englewood Fire Department will no longer accept cash as a payment option. All fines, penalties, and/or fees must be paid by check or money order.