About Us

Welcome to Englewood Code Enforcement.  We are here to assist all residents, property owners and businesses in the City of Englewood.  Please feel free to contact us with any and all inquiries.  By clicking the Directory button in the right hand column, you will see a list of contact information.  Our office consists of the follow subsections:

Construction                                                       Property Maintenance
Zoning/Land Use                                                Housing
                                                                                Rental Registration

Mission Statement

  • To protect the health, safety and welfare of all users of buildings and structures within the City of Englewood through enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey, City Code, New Jersey multiple dwelling and Land use Regulations.
  • To provide and maintain a pleasing visual environmental through the application and enforcement of the City's Development Regulations.
  • To assist in the orderly development of the City by applying the rules and regulations established by the Mayor and Council.
  • To assist the Mayor and Council in providing a better community by suggesting the elimination of unnecessary obsolete regulations, the alteration of regulations to recognize new and innovative technologies and the establishment of new regulations to address changing lifestyles and objectives.
  • To assist applicants in the process of obtaining necessary approvals for use and development of properties within the City.
  • To provide assistance to property owners and users, in times of crisis, to minimize disturbance of life and livelihood.
  • To maintain and advance the quality of life of people living, working and visiting the City of Englewood, promoting the ideals and principals set forth by the City of Englewood Mayor and Council through their legislative actions.