Traffic Bureau

Parking & Snow Removal

As winter quickly approaches, the Englewood Police Traffic Unit would like to give you a couple of reminders regarding City parking and snow removal: 

  • Please be mindful that many of our City streets fall under Schedule XIII of City Ordinance 25-21 which establishes temporary prohibited parking for snow removal. Remember: This prohibited parking ordinance will be enforced once there is approximately 3 inches of accumulation. Should you leave your vehicle on one of these streets during a snow storm, there is a possibility that it may be towed. 
  • Please keep aware of any weather alerts and plan ahead to make alternate parking accommodations. For severe storms you may monitor the City website where parking sites may be suggested for your use. 
  • Parking Regulations during Snowfall and Snow Removal

Truck Parking Permit Application

Completed applications can be handed in at Englewood Police Headquarters or emailed to Sgt. Ensenat

Truck Permit Parking Application

Apartment Residents

When possible, the Traffic Unit will keep in contact with your Super or Site Manager in order to facilitate the roads being cleared of vehicles. 

If you have any questions you may contact the Englewood Police Traffic Unit at 201-871-6442.