About Us

The Role of the Englewood Health Department

The role of a local health department is to protect and promote the public's health. Although a daily factor in all our lives, public health is one of the least visible and least understood of all public functions. In a nutshell, public health provides all those services needed to protect and promote health that cannot be readily performed in the private sector or by healthcare providers. Public health is not health care. Often misunderstood as a service for the poor or for only certain segments of the community, public health serves everyone. Unlike health care, if we do our job perfectly, you'll never know we were there!

During a normal workday, the Health Department conducts inspections of restaurants, pools, and other facilities to ensure proper sanitation, and investigates public health nuisance complaints such as trash or rodents. It also issues birth, death, and marriage/civil union certificates, marriage/civil union licenses, and retail food and pet licenses, and provides health clinics for children, and health promotion programs for all ages. We are program administrators, nurses, health educators, inspectors, registrars, support staff, students, volunteers, and other dedicated individuals with a common goal - to deliver effective and innovative programs and services that ensure the health and well-being of the Englewood community. The Health Department includes an administrative division and program divisions in Environmental Health, Health Education, Public Health Nursing, and Vital Statistics and Licensing. We look forward to seeing you and working with you.